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Sunday, 10 June 2012

brand new mr. brainwash in central london

yesterday i walked out of my apartment in central london to see someone wheatpasting a new and very large piece of work across the street. i looked up and saw it was mr. brainwash.

i came back later to show the piece to someone else and mr. brainwash (thierry guetta) was standing there looking at it, now including the spraypainted words 'god save the people'. we spoke to him and he was very nice. he told me he has rented out the whole building and is going to be covering the whole thing before his show there in july. he also told me he purposely gave the queen the huge smile because  people say she never smiles.

mr. brainwash is one of the more controversial street artists with many accusing him of not being a real artist - mostly because this is what banksy has told us to think. i saw his show, icons remix, in new york  2 years ago and it was really good. i'm definitely looking forward to his show here.

mr. brainwash recently released the print below, jubilation, in honour of the queen's diamond jubilee. it has sold out.