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Friday, 9 July 2010

pure evil's strange girls

pure evil has a new show on called strange girls, running until july 13th.

in his words: "oil paint, synthetic polymer paint, emulsion paint, krink and spray paint.
imagine when michelangelo had painted the sistine chapel he had painted a massive 3 dimensional brush on the ceiling?
it would have been rubbish.
if you can say anything and imagine anything with painting, then why not say something? don't just make art about the process of making art... dont paint a painting of a spray can in 15 different colourways.
its easy to regurgitate stuff thats been done a million times before. it looks familiar and to other people it looks like art because it is a copy of art that has been done before but its just not good enough.
its BORING....
c'mon artist, get creative."

go see it. go buy his art! pure evil is the nicest guy in the world. his gallery is at 108 leonard street, london, ec2a 4xs.