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Thursday, 8 July 2010

the narcissus series

the narcissus series was created by artist liubo borissov using the internet video chat application chatroulette.

"the premise of the narcissus series is to recreate the conditions of the myth and capture that moment of self-recognition. bespoke software was created to divert the incoming video feed, reflect it and feed it back so that each person was confronted with their own reflected image, in place of an expected remote random partner. the moments before they chose to move on were recorded and later arranged in a tableau of human reactions ranging from the complete lack of recognition (and immediate passing, likely in search of truer love), to amusement, joy, anger, confusion."

narcissus lament shows the reactions of people (see clip below). each frame contains 108 different faces selected from thousands from feb-may 2010.

read more about the exhibition here.