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Saturday, 3 April 2010

is this a banksy?

my friend moved into a new flat yesterday and on my way to see it i came across this:

it's just off old kent road and it's actually behind a t-34 tank that is painted in different ways from time to time - i was so intrigued by the work on the wall that i didn't take a picture of the tank! but this is it here (old image, it was painted differently yesterday).

anyway from afar it looked like this might be a banksy but i really don't think it is... i did some research and found one website listing it as a banksy but i couldn't find it anywhere else. i then thought that the stencils to the right might be d*face, but now i don't think that either (and even if they are, i don't think they are related to the image in question).

does anyone know who did this?

UPDATE: it's by mantis and it's called "we all fall down" - thanks to wimpy for helping me out!