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Friday, 2 April 2010

andrew kim's sustainable "eco coke bottle"

this is very interesting. andrew kim has designed an "eco coke bottle" that would be great for the environment and could save coca cola a lot of money at the same time. it's got a square shape which would significantly increase the number of bottles you could fit in a trasnport truck (for every 4 bottles you could fit in an extra 2 with this design)! it's also designed to be stacked and once the bottles are empty, they can be collapsed to be 66% smaller, encouraging users to recycle. they would be made of 100% sugar cane byproducts.

there is no question that this would be great for the environment, but i don't think it would work too well. coca cola's brand value is based on its iconic bottle, so even if this would save them money, it would hurt what is the most valuable brand in the world. perhaps they could do some small tests in suitable markets (think san francisco, vancouver) and see how it goes. this is never going to replace the classic coke bottle completely though... but they should take some of the ideas (make the classic bottle stackable, make them out of sugar cane byproducts, etc) and apply them because improvements could definitely be made without hurting the brand.