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Sunday, 7 February 2010

space in between

i've been meaning to post this for ages... a new gallery appeared recently on clerkenwell road. i walk past it every day on my walk to work. when it started it looked like a typical gallery with multiple paintings. then all the paintings disappeared and within days, it went from having plain white walls to turning into this (excuse the bad quality photos, they were taken in a rush on my way to work one day):

space in between london 

 space in between london 

space in between london

i actually got to watch this being made over a few days as this gallery has floor to ceiling windows for everyone to see the artists at work as they walk or drive by on busy clerkenwell road.

this was called buckminsterfullerene dream and it was a pop-up installation by good wives and warriors and a collaborative work by ben jeans houghton and matt giraudeau. i have discovered that space in between is an arts-based collective in london that nurtures emerging artistic talent. learn more about them here.

i was away for the weekend and this exhibition is now gone... the walls have been painted white once again. however i'm hoping they will bring something equally amazing to this space once again. it really did brighten my daily walk to work!