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Saturday, 27 February 2010

the colour out of space: eelus

on thursday evening i got to check out the preview of eelus' show, the colour out of space (his first london show). eelus is one of my favourites and it was a really great show. i got to meet him as well (the guy in red shirt below) and he's a very nice, friendly guy (which is a real rarity in the pretentious art world). i had a great time and got to see some amazing pieces. the one above was one of my favourites (and sadly sold by the time i arrived).





my friend was thinking about getting this one.





this last one is the one i was thinking about buying. it's called keep your eyes on the prize and its spraypaint on aluminum. still really love it... still thinking about it. i asked the artist about it and he said he created it because he just really loves french bulldogs :)

for all of the pieces from this show, visit the official eelus site. the show runs until march 6th. highly recommended.