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Saturday, 23 January 2010

i'm in a banksy kind of mood

 with the release of the trailer for exit through the gift shop this week, i've decided to put up a bunch of my favourite banksys at once. i really want to get as many of my favourite pieces up as possible so i think i'm going to do this for several artists. note that some of these ones have been painted over or buffed.

banksy global warming
i don't believe in global warming, camden, london

aristorat, regents canal, london

banksy wallpaper hanging
wallpaper hanger, regents canal, london

banksy red carpet service
red carpet service, southwark bridge, london

 banksy artistic vandilism
artistic vandilism, ladbroke grove, london

banksy abe lincoln
abe lincoln, new orleans

banksy anywhere
anywhere, near archway tube, london

banksy what are you looking at cctv
what are you looking at, marble arch tube station, london